ARES Kudo for Box makes it easy to view any DWG/DXF drawing stored in Box, directly from your Internet Browser. No need to download the file, ARES Kudo is fully integrated with Box. Supported file formats include .dwg but also .dxf .dwt and .dws.

• Add this integration to your Box account
• While browsing files in Box, select a drawing and go in the file options. You can either use right click or click on the three dots icon.
• In the file options, go to Integrations and select ARES Kudo for Box as shown on the screenshot

Some advanced features include:
+ Layer palette to switch layers on and off as needed
+ Properties palette to read the properties of the elements you selected
+ Sheets Manager to navigate between Model space and the layouts
+ Download PDF file: Generates a PDF file with Model space and each layout, in the right paper size and scale. You may for example use such PDF file for offline use, sharing, or to print your drawing
+ Measure distance between 2 points with entity snapping
+ 3D viewing with 3D orbit and predefined isometric views

Customize Options

Web App Integrations  

  • ARES Kudo: Your drawing will be opened for viewing in ARES Kudo (dwg, dxf, dwt, dws)