AutoCAD 360 is a Web-based CAD editor with built-in collaboration features. It is designed to allow easy access to your drawings and files from anywhere, as well as the ability to share them with others. AutoCAD 360 can open DWG and DXF files in the built CAD editor and also supports viewing popular types of image files such as JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG and a variety of geospatial formats.

AutoCAD 360 also has both iPad and Android applications, which allow you to view your files while on the go.

To use Box with AutoCAD 360 mobile, use the 'side menu' and click on the 'Connect to Service' button.

With AutoCAD 360 web, click the user icon (top right) and then "Content and storage".

A dialog box will come up, offering you to choose the type of service you wish to connect to and type in your username and password for the service.

After you have successfully set the connection to the selected storage service, the connection will be stored in your account and the storage folder will be available every time you log in to your account on a mobile device or using the web app.