CORE is a secure digital asset management and workflow review platform that centralizes all digital files and metadata across any file type or device. We use metadata to trigger orchestration events that integrate seamlessly into the existing Box pipeline.

Users can browse and view files from Box directly in CORE. Once files are ingested into CORE users can take advantage of faceted searching, contextual approvals, real-time collaboration, and granular access controls.

Features include frame accurate annotations, event based orchestration, on the fly watermarking, and support for unlimited file sizes.

CORE is a metadata-centric architecture (vs file/folder based). Any piece of metadata can be a decision and control point. We support multiple workflows (dailies review, marketing distribution, design and creative review, localization, and others) and address multiple pain points, from a unified platform, eliminating the need for silo'd systems. This reduces complexity and total cost of ownership. On-the-fly, custom watermarks for all assets allow for secure distribution of content with internal or external teams, colleagues and partners. Video annotations and a real-time synced player provide support for global, real-time review and approval workflows.

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