Axcelerate 5 is a revolutionary eDiscovery review and analysis platform that dramatically improves the way litigation review and analysis is conducted. Axcelerate 5 helps legal teams find the documents that will make or break their case, sooner and more reliably. It Utilizes powerful search, categorization and analytics with greater ease than ever before -- to uncover key facts, validate collection decisions, identify risks, evaluate review implications, and formulate winning strategies. Axcelerate 5’s powerful capabilities amplify a lawyer’s skills.

With Axcelerate 5, legal practitioners review what matters -- faster and more accurately. From best-in-industry Predictive Coding, to built-in End of Branch email analysis, to streamlined case management that lets reviewers work proactively with less administrative support, the entire platform is engineered to support quicker and better results. Axcelerate 5 helps legal teams achieve new heights of document review productivity.

The partnership with allows companies to easily include their content as part of their overall litigation readiness plan. The Axcelerate connector reaches into the company’s repository and indexes the content and metadata. From there the content can be explored and analyzed in place, collected for use in investigations or active litigation, and ingested into the Axcelerate eDiscovery platform for review and production with just a few simple steps.